Golden Steel Plate

 Andre Aloian

Legal Intern

Andre Aloian graduated from UC Davis in 2019, and majored in international relations. After graduating, Andre went to Armenia to work through the Birthright Armenia program and stayed there for about six months. Upon returning back to the US, he wanted to pursue his interest in law, which inspired him to apply to Pacem Tempestate. Now Andre is working in the field deciding if he wants to continue with law and go to law school. As a legal intern Andre is tasked with closing cases, filling out potential client intakes, and taking on a variety of different projects that need to be fulfilled. In his free time Andre enjoys playing tennis, playing the piano, watching movies, and learning languages.

"My favorite thing about working at Pacem Tempestate Law is the people! Everyone is so kind and friendly! They create such a positive working environment where I am able to do my best and learn a lot about the legal world."

- Andre Aloian