Golden Steel Plate

Mireya Cortes 

File Clerk

Mireya Cortes is a high school graduate of class of 1994,  a mother of three and has been married for almost 27 years. She has been a Zumba instructor for the past 10 years. She also is skilled in translating from English to Spanish, which comes in handy here at the firm. In her free time Mireya enjoys spending time with her daughter Analí and watching the Hallmark channel. Mireya has made herself indispensable  here at Pacem Tempestate, and works very hard to keep our many files organized and to maintain forms up to date. 

"What I enjoy about Pacem Tempestate is the peaceful atmosphere and environment of the work place. By far the best thing about working here are the people."

- Mireya Cortes