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Client Testimonials

Golden Steel Plate

"Sensitive to my situation​ so I could feel like I picked the right attorney. She explained every step through the process. The outcome is amicable for both parties. Honestly, I can't think of anything that she didn't provide. Was always there to explain what was happening with my case."

- Jerome A.

Golden Steel Plate

"Attorney Angelina Ray is very knowledgeable and understanding on how she explains the law to her clients. She has a no no nonsense, no sugar-coated way of explaining and consulting so the client is fully aware of the process and how she will help before, during and after. I'd recommend her for any consultation regarding family, employment, business and estate planning, legal advice and representation."

- Jonathan C.

Golden Steel Plate

"Angelina and her team's knowledge about family law and trust law is second to none. This is one the few law firms ran by a women of color. That fact is not why I recommend it so highly but it is a plus to see representation in the courtroom. The staff is friendly and accommodating to your situation. The legal system can create fear, anxiety, and stress but they help to calm the emotional storms. Check it out and find it out for yourself."

- Karif L.

Golden Steel Plate

- Melissa H.

"I most benefitted from her compassion, empathy and professional yet kind demeanor. Her staff was equally as kind. She provided everything I needed and then some."

Golden Steel Plate

"Angelina is not only an amazing attorney, she is also a very passionate & ambitious individual. If you need someone to be on your side and fully have your best interest at heart, Pacem Tempestate Law is your ideal firm!"

- Carlos C.

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